Monday, October 19, 2015

Are You Really Cleaning Green?

Deep apologies for not writing followers.  This past month has been pure craziness. On top of kid colds and the never ending sleep deprivation that comes with having a baby, I stumbled into some real life changing stuff.

This whole blog is about my journey to get my family back to the basics.  Focusing on REAL food, wholesome activities and natural homemade beauty and cleaning products.  This journey started years ago for me and I have been slowly introducing changes into our lives that I believe are better for our health and the environment.  As most of you know, I use a lot of essential oils in my homemade products and in aromatherapy in my own home, which is why a few months back I decided to become a doTERRA consultant.  You can click the link to check out my website for more information but basically it was a natural fit and a way for me to spread my love of essential oils, earn free products, and get my own products at a 25% discount. 

Sometimes when you find one good thing there is a snowball effect. 

A few weeks later, the lovely lady who introduced me to doTERRA invited me to Norwex party.
 Was your first thought, "What the heck is Norwex?"? Ya that was mine as well! 

So, reluctantly I went, even though I don't normally like the home party scene where I feel guilted into buying some crap that I don't really want.  I AM SO GLAD I WENT!  First of all, Norwex parties are fun and fast, but what I really liked was that the rep brought a bunch of the products for everyone to try themselves.  When I watched her clean a window COVERED in greasy kid prints, boogers, and dog slobber with  JUST WATER I was pretty sold.  Then I played around with the mop and some other products and honestly, I can't believe I have been cleaning my house without these products. There was a special running in September to sign up as a consultant for free so I jumped right in, mostly because I wanted to buy everything in the catalog and knew I was going to need the 35% discount you get as an independent distributor. Being the trained scientist that I am, I of course had to dig into the science behind their Baclock technology and 99% bacterial removal from surfaces claims, which I can happily report is backed by solid research and FDA approved.

Then it happened.  I had my AHA moment.  These products take my philosophy to the next level.  Once I used the household package that came with enrollment kit for about a week, I really realized how much easier this made my life.  For years I've been making all my own cleaning products.  Yes they are all natural, yes they clean, but they take time to make, they run out, and still dry out my hands.  With Norwex, I can clean 90% of my home using microfiber cloths and water!!! There is nothing easier than that!  Plus, it is good for my family and the environment.  Better yet, they have a whole lot of other chemical free products for the other 10% and tougher jobs which as I continue to try I love love love! 

 I highly encourage EVERYONE to try the laundry detergent!  It is by far my favorite product.  It is so versatile that you can use it diluted in water for an all purpose cleaner for those tougher areas, it is cloth diaper safe, filler/fragrance free and extremely economical.  The following graphic depicts the amounts that Norwex sales reps have found effective which is less than what the bag states.  I personally use 1 tsp in my front loader and my clothes have never been cleaner!

 Check out my facebook page for current specials, information and videos I share of me using the products.  I thought it sounded too good to be true-only cleaning with water- but it really isn't.  These products work and work better than any chemical-laden products I've ever used. 

I joined Norwex thinking, "Oh yeah this stuff is cool, and I'll get a discount" but as I continue to use it I realize that this has been such a positive lifestyle change which could benefit so many people and I want to share these products with everyone!  I am on a mission for everyone I know and meet to at least take the time to try these products.  They will SAVE YOU MONEY because you will never buy cleaners or paper towels again and they are virtually risk free with a 2-YEAR WARRANTY on most products.  Please shoot me an email, check out my website and facebook page for more information.  I really hope my enthusiasm for these products shines through these words and touches a few lives for the better.  I know for me, I am beginning a lifelong relationship with Norwex products and I never would have if I hadn't used them for myself.  We like to say, we don't sell the products, they sell themselves and boy is it true! I also highly encourage you hosting a party.  If you live in the Pacific Northwest U.S. get a hold of me and I will do the party myself or hook you up with an awesome rep in your area.  The host rewards are AMAZING!  The average host earns about $200 in FREE product at one party.  Just for inviting your friends over!  Better yet, join my team FOR FREE! Go to my website to find out how! In the meantime, check out this video from a real Norwex home party:  Its a little long but SEEING IS BELIEVING! 

Cheers! Until next time!

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Food Bandwagons: Think Before you Jump (always good advice really)


Beware of Food Nazis.

I kind of want to punch people who tell me not to eat gluten.

Don’t get me wrong; I think as a society, we definitely consume way more gluten containing foods than we should, but this gluten-free-shame-you-if-you-eat-a sandwich fad is a little extreme for my taste.  If you look in the last twenty years of nutrition related literature you will find enough contradictions to make your head spin.  Nutrition science is constantly evolving and when you think about it, it makes sense, because we are constantly changing. And by we, I mean humans and the environment we live in.

 No human body is the same, which means how your body processes and reacts to the food you eat is as unique as your personality!

Have Another Cup.

Gluten isn’t the only culprit.  Coffee is having its glory moment after decades of doctors telling us to cut it out. Multiple studies in last ten years on coffee claim drinking coffee can do everything from decrease your chance of liver cancer to preventing Parkinson’s disease in men. More than likely in the next ten years you will come across an article contradicting those results and suggesting you shouldn’t drink coffee once again. 

Your Body, Your Rules!

The point is, if you are trying to keep up with the latest and greatest diet fads, just STOP! 

Life is way too short!

It’s great to stay educated on new findings but ultimately the best thing you can do for your body is to eat REAL food in a way that works for YOUR own body.  If eating wheat makes you feel like shit, don’t eat it or eat less.  If you love ice cream, have a bowl every now and then (ideally made at home from quality ingredients….check back soon for a post on my yummy homemade gelato).   

Limiting artificial foods loaded with preservatives and focusing on eating real food is probably the best thing you can do for your body.  How you balance the “food groups” is up to you but I suggest listening to your own body rather than the latest Huffington Post. 

In the meantime, at least I can justify the amount of coffee I drink to get through the day.  I’m preventing cancer right?